Saturday, 16 May 2015

Lip Lifting Surgery

Lip lifting surgery, also known as the upper lip lift surgery, is basically a cosmetic procedure in which the appearance of the lips is made better by altering their shape tactfully. The method gives a more prominent vermilion border as well as a beautiful upper lip area, which are aesthetically pleasing. Lip lift is mostly popular among mid-aged women who want to make their upper lips shorter, thereby restoring their fresher, younger and balanced look.

How Does It Work?
Bullhorn Lip Lift – In this popular method, an incision is made right below the nose along its natural crease. Then, a small portion of muscle as well as some extra skin is removed and the rest of the skin is sutured properly.
Gullwing Lip Lift / Vermilion Lip Lift – In this process, an incision is formed along the vermilion border and the lip is pulled in the upper direction. After that, the extra skin is discarded. Finally, the incision is closed with sutures.
Corner Lip Lift – In this technique, the incision is created along the corner of the lip so that it remains buried under the natural fold of the skin. The corners are then elevated by lifting the skin at those portions as required.
The surgery needs 40 minutes to 1 hour to be finished.
1.Improves smile by elevating the upper lip and positioning it perfectly with respect to the teeth.
   Turns lips wider by reshaping as well as increasing the visible portion of the vermilion border          
    (pink edging).
2.Makes the upper lip look a bit bigger and fuller.
3.Gives a fresh and youthful look to both the lips and the mouth.
4.Helps to get a happy and relaxed smile forever.
5.Offers an overall aesthetically pleasing effect.

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