Friday, 26 June 2015

About Cheek Augmentation

Who Needs Cheek Augmentation?

The cheeks are one of the three main landmarks of the face: chin, nose, and cheeks. When one of these is out of proportion, the entire facial structure may seem unbalanced. Cheek augmentation can correct this imbalance if you have shallow cheekbones. This may be the result of heredity or the re-absorption of bone tissue that occurs with aging. Candidates for cheek augmentation will likely have a flat, hollow look about their cheeks and often the eyes, which are better defined with higher, more prominent cheek bones.

An ideal candidate for cheek augmentation is in good physical health, is psychologically stable, and has a desire to add definition to the upper face. Prospective patients should have a clear understanding of the healing process, the limitations of the cheek augmentation procedure, and realistic expectations for their desired results. Finally, you should discuss your known allergies with your plastic surgeon to ensure the implant material is safe for you to use.

About Cheek Implants

Today’s range of cheek implants includes many different sizes and shapes so there is one out there for just about any type of facial structure.  The implants are inserted through a small incision inside the mouth.

One alternative treatment to cheek implants is facial fillers, an injectable treatment that provides volume on a temporary basis (JuvedermVoluma, Radiesse, or fat injections). If you’re considering cheek implants but nervous to head straight for surgery, facial fillers offer a fairly inexpensive way to “test drive” your new cheeks. Talk to your facial plastic surgeon about creating the results you might expect from surgery so you can get a good feeling for what may lie ahead.

Consider Cheek Enhancement Today

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