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Forehead Lift Surgery

Forehead Lift

Also known as forehead lift or browplasty. It is not uncommon for the skin above the eyes to start to droop as one gets older, causing what is often referred to as the hood effect, and this make eyes look tired and the face look old. Also known as a “Forehead Lift”, Brow lift surgery is a simple procedure carried out to lift the area directly above the eye, opening up the eye area and making the face look younger. It involves lifting the brow itself and tightening the muscles which have been stretched over time. Also, it tightens any loose skin in the area and reduces excess fatty tissue. While brow lift surgery is often performed for purely cosmetic reasons, drooping brows and upper eye lids can affect vision in the most extreme of cases and this can be a quick and simple way to rectify the situation.

The brow lift operation is performed under general anesthesia. There are two types of brow lift surgery (outlined below). The one chosen by the surgeon depends on the type of the skin, the condition of the skin and where the hairline is.

Open Brow Lift (Classic Lift)
The surgeon makes an incision from one ear, along or slightly back from the hairline to the other ear. Depending on where the hair line is, the surgeon works to avoid a visible scar. For bald patients or those with a receding hair line, the incision can usually be hidden in a natural forehead crease. Once the incision has been made the surgeon will carefully separate the skin on the upper part of the face from the underlying tissue before working to reduce or tighten the muscles. The skin is then stretched and stitched or clipped in place, within any excess skin removed.

Endoscopic Brow Lift
This brow lift procedure sees the surgeon making three to five small incisions in various locations on the scalp through which a thin plastic tube with a tiny camera at one end is inserted. The images gathered from the camera are relayed live to a screen in the theatre and this allows the surgeon to operate on the muscles and fatty tissue behind the hairline. The eyebrows are lifted and held in place with stitches, or temporary screws behind the hairline and the incisions are either stitched or clipped. Because the cuts are smaller, this procedure is less invasive than the classic lift leading to minimal scarring and a shorter recovery time.

Benefits of Brow-Lift Surgery

Correct the asymmetry of the forehead and eyebrows
Minimizes the creases that develop across the forehead
Improves frown lines
Repositions a low or sagging brow
Makes more youthful and rejuvenated
Vanishes Creases that occur high on the bridge of the nose

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