Monday, 22 June 2015

Types of Facelift Surgery
Facelift surgery is a much sought after treatment today. It has often been noticed that with the advancement of age or due to mental stress of any sort, the face loses its brightness. Wrinkles and fine lines around the nose and mouth area start showing, thus making the face look very jaded besides making the concerned person lose his / her confidence. . However, a facelift surgery can surely take care of these unwanted problems. Your face not only looks younger but also makes you feel younger from inside. If you are seeking to undergo this treatment in India, Image Clinic Group seems to be a very good choice. Right from world-class facilities to very good doctors.

What are the types of Facelift Surgery?
Following are the procedures related to the facelift:

Full Facelift – This procedure involves a tightening of the facial skin around the entire face. A neck lift is performed at the same time to provide facial and neck results that match.
Upper Facelift –This procedure is designed to target the upper half of the face, most notably the cheeks all the way to the jowls.
Lower Face and Neck Lift –This procedure is performed to target the lower third of the face, which includes the jowls and upper neck area. Underlying structures are tightened and excess skin is removed.
Suture Neck Lift –The neck skin is reshaped for a more youthful contour with no skin removal. Dermal collagen strip made from bovine (cow) tissue may be used to suspend the sagging tissues. The bovine filler is eventually replaced by your natural human tissue.

Lower Face and Neck –This procedure is performed to improve the look of sagging in the lower half of the face and neck.
Classic Neck Lift –This procedure’s primary goal is to remove excess, sagging skin from the neck region and reestablish the sharp neck contour.
The S-Lift –This procedure works well for patients with sagging along the jaw line and top half of the neck. Surgeon performs neck reconstruction using a muscle reattachment technique, tightening of the facial support system (called SMAS) and liposuction if necessary. Compared to the full facelift, the S-Lift has reduced downtime and recovery (about one week).

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